Take out a small installment loan

Closing a small loan on payment can then provide a solution. 

 Buying things on installment

Are you short of cash, but is it necessary to buy something? Or do you want to pay bills but can not you manage this month? There are two possibilities for doing this. Read here where you can find and compare providers of small loans.

A small loan on installment without BKR testing

When it’s financially a bit against it, you want to have quickly and immediately put some extra money into your account. Many people do not know that you can borrow money quickly online without BKR testing. This is particularly useful when something suddenly needs to be replaced at home or when important invoices have to be paid immediately. A small loan without BKR testing is not possible at the bank, but there are several lenders online who can get you out of a financial dip. Pay attention: borrow as little money as possible, because borrowing money still costs money.

Mini loan or microcredit on installment

A mini loan, also known as microcredit, is nothing more than a small installment loan. Often, payments must be made within one or two installments and amounts from 50 to about 1,500 euros. So keep in mind that you are able to repay this amount within one or two months. A mini-loan is therefore ideal if you are certain that your wages will be paid in a short time or if you as a freelancer still wait for invoices that have to be paid by your customers. A good and reliable provider of the mini-loan.

Buying things on installment

If you are going to buy something on installment , you can also see this as a small installment loan. You buy and receive the product before you pay the payment. This is only sensible if you are sure that you have sufficient income within a month to pay the payment. This is ideal when, for example, a refrigerator, washing machine or other household appliance needs to be replaced immediately. There are several companies that offer this service. For example, if you want to buy a car, this is often possible. This is called financial lease .

Advantages and disadvantages of borrowing money on installments

There are both advantages and disadvantages to think about borrowing on installment. Always weigh the pros and cons for yourself before you buy or borrow on installment.

Buy or borrow benefits on payment

  • You do not have to justify what you need the money to borrow;
  • You can make quick and direct use of your purchase;
  • In this way you avoid receiving reminders of arrears in the short term.

Buy disadvantages and borrow on installment

Especially buying something on payment can sound very attractive. But this can sometimes cause you to quickly build up debts. Especially when you can not fulfill the repayment obligation, it can get you into trouble quickly.
Quick and direct borrowing a small amount can be seen as a quick solution, but in the long term it does not immediately solve your money worries. Borrowing money always costs extra money and use it wisely. Always ask yourself whether you really need this purchase.

Loans Between Private individual

Urgent Loans Between Individuals, I Need Urgent Money!


Do you need imminent liquidity? Do you think: I need money urgently? You’ll be looking for an immediate solution, probably assessing the option of a private individual who lends money the same day.

  The most reliable choice are the Urgent Loans Between Private, will allow you to get the money you need in the shortest time.

Every day, there is a strong demand and offer from users who make a request like:

  • I need money urgently
  • I need money urgently
  • I am looking for an urgent loan from a private individual
  • I need money right away
  • I need 500 euros
  • I’m looking for money from individuals
  • soon money to private right away

Below we will give you more information and we will explain how to get private loans.

Traditional banks and finance companies have to follow a very long bureaucratic process, therefore obtaining funding involves large time frames. In order to obtain the same urgent loans, you can apply online, where the loan granting process is much faster.

By connecting to the sites of a bank or financial institution, with just a click you can make an urgent loan request on the same day. In a few hours you will have a way to get a feasibility or not. This is certainly a valid solution for obtaining a fast loan.

After having received a first positive result, the applicant will have to send to the bank or financial institution all the necessary documentation to proceed with the procedure for the preliminary investigation. The definitive consent to the disbursement of the loan rests unquestionably on the bank or the financial institution.

Urgent loans with friends and relatives

To get a loan quickly you have the opportunity to take an alternative route to that of banks or financial companies, but you need more caution, for example the case in which you lend money amicably with friends or relatives, but you have to have some precautions .

Private lends money in the day

In detail, we refer to the loan from immediate private, then small amounts such as a loan of 1000 euros.

In case you need money immediately, and there is a private available willing to meet this need is definitely the quickest and easiest solution. This solution would save time and even money on interest, in fact the parties will certainly agree for a percentage of zero or minimum interest. In this case we advise the user to contact a friend he trusts or a close relative, so as to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Extremely urgent loans between individuals

Social lending is a different means of obtaining direct loans between individuals, excluding banks and financial institutions. Also online it is possible to have access to instant loans between individuals, relying on specific platforms under the law.

The registration to online platforms of a loan is an excellent alternative to urgent loans. Let’s see together what it is.

By accessing specific platforms, the user has the possibility of making an online request for an urgent loan of money. The platform consists of:

  • applicants: those making the loan application
  • lenders: those who invest their money by lending them

These parties will interact with each other without any intermediary.

On online lending platforms between private individuals, the Lenders make their offer, entering the amount, the required rate, the duration of the loan and the categories to which they are financed. To differentiate the risk, the offered value is divided into several parts. Eg the lender offers € 500 to us the amount will be divided into 10 different applicants financing each one € 50

Loan between individuals for those who need money immediately

Making a request for a loan between individuals and obtaining it is a very good solution to obtain liquidity in a short time and with minimal costs.

The Applicant must insert in the platform the application for funding, for the purpose of providing it must however possess the qualities and economic reliability required, if the outcome will be positive it will be included in the marketplace.

The payment of the requested amount will be made directly to the bank account thanks to the indication given previously by the IBAN. Lenders with the recognition of an interest rate will divide their capital into individual units of 50 euros.

This methodology allows lenders to obtain greater returns with reduced risk.

Benefits urgent loans from individuals if you need money right away

Accessing urgent loans between individuals involves the signing of unsecured personal loans.

Unlike banks, social lending allows access to lower interest rates and lower management costs, so the total cost of the urgent loan is lower.

The marketplace is administered by entities authorized for private lending. The staff manages the direct relationship between the Provider and the Requestor online, so there are no offices in the territory, this allows to obtain lower management costs.

The loan between private individuals is an intersection between the request and the offer, so it is essential that the marketplace has a suitable number of lenders to be able to meet the needs of those who urgently need money. Since 2005 this type of loan has started to work and is successful.

Initially, lending platforms between individuals record slow growth, and then profitable growth rates will emerge. The service offered by social lending is safe, in fact the companies have the task of taking care of the economic situation of the applicant and also of the lender, to ensure that the rules are respected and last but not least for them to provide assistance to their users.

In the event that the Applicant does not satisfy the repayment of the loan, there are no guarantees for the Provider.

Conditions for Mini-loan

If you take out a mini loan, there are some conditions attached to it.

 Administration costs mini-loan

Here we put the most important conditions of a mini-loan online for you. A lender lends you a sum of money and does not want to risk that the borrowed amount is not paid back.

Mini-loan conditions

We set the conditions here that generally occur:

– You can close a mini-loan in the age of 19 to 70 years.
– You must repay the borrowed amount at the end of the term.
– If you want to take out a mini loan, first compare the various lenders on the internet and always read the terms carefully first, because even when borrowing a relatively small amount it is wise not to borrow the first from the first.
– It is, for example, good to know what the amount of the fine is that you receive if you unexpectedly can not repay the loan amount. – If this amount is very high then a cheap mini-loan is still an expensive joke.
– The duration of the mini loan may also differ among providers, on average the time has to be paid back between 15 – 45 days, this also depends on the amount of the loan.

Administration costs mini-loan

When you take out a mini loan you will have to check whether administration costs and / or additional costs have to be paid. No interest will be charged on the amount of money borrowed, but the lender wants to earn something from you, so additional costs may be charged for some providers.

Borrow with BKR quotation

Despite the fact that in the past you have not fulfilled your payment obligations on time and therefore have received a BKR quotation, you can still apply for a mini loan. You can also borrow money without a pay slip if you receive a benefit. A mini loan is therefore very flexible in this respect if you want to borrow money quickly.

Money always saves more sense

Although the mini-loan or flash loan is a convenient form of borrowing, it is wiser to save money if you are faced with unexpected costs. Even if you borrow money for a purchase it is in most cases more sensible to save money in advance and thus postpone the purchase. Borrowed money must always be paid back to the lender.

Car loan with low interest

Comparing car loan can be of great benefit to you.

car financing final installment

Instant car loan closing at the dealership without first compare with other providers is not sensible. Buying a car or motorcycle is emotion and when you take out a loan, emotion is not really a good advice.

But you know how that goes. By chance you see a nice car because you happen to be at the dealer or car salesman for a service of your car or motorcycle. You did not intend to buy a car, but the car salesman makes you an appropriate proposal. However, you lack the means to purchase this car. Your own car is doing fine but is already quite a few years old and actually needs to be replaced. If you do not have enough savings yourself, you can take out a special car loan that will make your dream come true. However, it is wise to put your emotion aside to first compare the car loan with different providers.

Car loan: Personal loan or revolving credit

If you want to take out a car financing, you can choose from a personal loan or a revolving credit. A personal loan is often the best choice because a car does not last a lifetime. A personal loan has a fixed term and with a revolving credit you can re-enter the redeemed amounts.
There are even more differences between these two types of credit, such as the interest rate that is fixed with a personal loan and variable with a revolving credit.
If you have bought a car and paid with a car loan then it is wise to take out a car insurance policy. It will only happen that you are stolen immediately or that you are driving damage. Car away, but you still have the car financing.
Taking out a car insurance policy that also covers theft is recommended and often mandatory with a car loan.

Compare car loan, the possibilities!

Are you going to compare a car loan then look not only at the interest rate but also at the conditions of the car loan.
A loan accelerated and redemption can be advantageous. Especially if you have had a financial windfall you can pay off your car loan. A continuous loan has this possibility but requires discipline because you are free to also withdraw the loan amount. It may also happen that a lender has the requirement that you take out an all-risk insurance, while another provider does not have this requirement. Taking out all-risk insurance is not a bad idea when taking out a car loan. So look closely at the conditions if you compare the options for a car loan.

Car financing with final installment

Another possibility for a car loan is a financing with final term. You then opt for a personal loan and you agree on an amount that you do not pay off. This loan is useful if you plan to buy another car or motorcycle at the end of the term. The residual value or final term of the loan will be repaid with the trade-in of your car or motorcycle. If you do not want to buy another car, you can also pay the final installment in one go by transferring the amount.

A good example of a car or motorcycle loan with final term is BMW 3asy Ride . This financing consists of a down payment, a repayment period and a final installment.

So you see that there are several ways to take out a loan for your dream car! Comparing a car loan can certainly be advantageous.

Borrow 200 euros with a mini loan? Borrow money without hassle!

With a mini-loan, so borrowing around 200 euros , you solve it that way.


Suppose your washing machine breaks down. Or your television. Maybe you would very much like to surprise your son or daughter with a new laptop or tablet. Or you decide to finally leave that weekend that you have been dreaming about for so long. There can always be situations where you need just a little more money than it suits. You can then quickly borrow a small amount to already be able to make the expenditure that you need.

Borrow 200 Euro without BKR assessment

For private loans, loans of less than 250 euros are not registered with the Credit Registration Office. If you borrow from us , you will also receive your own credit check that has developed itself as an assessment.

It does not matter if you already have a (negative) BKR registration: At us you can therefore simply borrow 200 euro without BKR assessment, and you have up to 62 days to redeem it.

Borrow 200 euros today

A small amount like 200 euros can sometimes be needed urgently. Then it is good to know that if you enter into a mini loan at us, you will receive the money in your account within 24 hours (except on weekends), without any extra costs.
The money you need, you have super fast at your disposal. In addition, you have applied for your miniature loan very quickly: you enter the amount and a short duration, and a few personal details. us will quickly assess your application and transfer the money.

Borrow money without hassle!

If you want to borrow 200 euros, then you are right at us. You have arranged your mini loan application in 10 minutes, quickly and easily online. Because you have your money within 24 hours, you can make expenses quickly and without any fuss. Because of the short term in which you have to repay you are also quickly off the loan. So if you urgently need money without BKR and without fuss, you are at the right place with us.