Are you eligible for a loan?

If you want to borrow money then you will have to be approved, not everyone can just apply for a loan.

Some factors that are decisive when applying for a loan are, your age, your income, your family composition, your fixed costs and whether you are registered with the BKR. Whether you are eligible to take out a loan depends on several factors.

Approval when applying for a loan

Before you compare the loans you will first have to be tested by the lender. Only when you have tested positively can you apply for a quotation or dig into the interest rates of the various lenders.

Borrowing income and money

You will have to have a fixed income when you apply for a loan. The lender wants to run as little risk as possible and be sure that you can also repay the loan. If you have a permanent job or you receive a pension, you can simply apply for a loan. But if you receive unemployment benefit or social assistance benefit, it is not possible to apply for a loan. But with a Wajong benefit, incapacity benefit and a survivor benefit, it is again possible to apply for a loan. However, there are some conditions attached to borrowing with a benefit.

Maximum loan

If you want to calculate how much you can borrow, then your income is a decisive factor. Your income not only determines whether you are eligible to borrow money but also what the maximum loan could be. When applying for a loan, whether this is a personal loan , a revolving credit or a mortgage , your income details will always be requested. A maximum loan is € 50,000 for one person and € 75,000 for another person. The height of the maximum loan is therefore income-dependent. Furthermore, the lender wants to know your living situation and monthly payments.

Minimum loan

The lender always uses a minimum lending amount and in most cases this is € 2,500. You can also borrow less, but you should apply for a mini loan. With a mini loan you can apply for loans from an amount of € 50, – and the maximum loan is € 1000, – at the mini-loan. Because of the relatively low amount that you can borrow, the conditions are also very smooth, so you can apply for a mini loan with BKR, without payslip and paperwork.

Borrow with BKR

If you want to apply for a loan, you must remember that your application will always be checked at the BKR (Credit Registration Office). It is not that if you are registered you can not apply for a loan. The gravity of the BKR-coding also plays an important role if you want to apply for a loan with BKR. If you apply for a loan with BKR, you have to take into account that you either pay a high interest rate or that you borrow money on special terms.

What is a mini-loan?

You have probably read about it or heard the commercials on the radio, but what exactly is a mini-loan or also called a flash loan?


The mini loan is a loan form where you can borrow an amount of less than 1000 euros . The loan amount must also be paid back fairly quickly, since the mini-loan providers have a short term of around 15 or 45 days. But on the other hand, requesting the mini-loan also goes quickly, in the most advantageous case you can already have the necessary money within a few minutes. If you have a balance tip , the mini-loan is an excellent solution.

When to request a mini loan?

If you have never heard of a mini loan, you may now think why would I want to borrow up to 1000 euros? Well it will happen to you there is a household appliance defect which you use every day and you have not the necessary amount available or you receive a substantial bill in the mailbox which needs to be paid quickly then it is nice that you have at minimum costs can borrow money quickly through a mini loan.

How fast can I borrow money?

If you are going to borrow money by means of a mini loan, you will very quickly have the money in your account, only with the first application it will take a little longer because you will have to present a copy of your ID and a payslip. If you then borrow money again with a mini loan, you can make this request via your mobile phone via the SMS. The speed with which you have the money in your account also has to do with whether the mini-loaner selected by you will carry out a BKR check if this is the case then the application will logically take a little more time than there is no BKR testing is performed. There are mini-loan providers where you have the money with 4 days on your account but if you want the money the same day of the request on your bill then there are additional costs calculated, so pay attention to this if you really need fast money has.

You have to take into account that because you want to borrow quickly you can overlook certain conditions of the relevant mini-loaner and this could cost you a lot of money. Always make sure, however quickly you think you need the money, read through the conditions of the mini-loaner!

Mini loan providers

For a mini loan you go to a financial institution that specializes in offering mini loans, we have selected below some mini-loan providers for you that we know are known as reliable.

Borrow without work

With the mini loan it is also possible to borrow money if you have no work, so it is possible to borrow with a benefit. However, it is true that you must have a certain income and this also differs per provider. Borrowing money without work is also called borrowing without payroll and in this time of crisis where many people have no work this form of borrowing is becoming very popular. Whether it is wise to borrow money if you do not have a job there, you have to think carefully about it, because as you know, the amount of money must also be repaid again in a short period of time.

Mini loan or other loan?

If you need money, then you are faced with the choice of borrowing money through a mini loan or borrowing money through a personal loan or revolving credit . Actually, it is not that difficult to make this choice. If you need a relatively small amount of money quickly, then it is best to request a mini loan, and if you need a substantial amount to buy a car, for example, you will have to take out another loan.

Borrow money to prevent costs

Because you borrow a relatively small amount of money with a mini loan, this form of loan is also extremely suitable for borrowing money to avoid costs. By this we mean if you can not pay an invoice which is due on time and you know that if you are there too late with the bailiff being engaged with all additional costs then it is cheaper in that case to borrow money with a minilening because then the costs are much lower.

If you take out a mini loan, you also have to keep a close eye on the term of the loan in question, if you are late in paying the mini loan, the lender will charge you a hefty fine and that will mean borrowing a small amount will cost you a lot of money.

Fast approved Flash loan

A Small loan can be the solution for you!

Being close to cash is not so fun today, to have a fun and satisfied life, you need cash euros to meet your immediate resources. Unfortunately, it happens occasionally that you do not have enough cash to pay for a necessary purchase. On the other hand, it is not always easy to find a solution for the payment of your wages, for example for unexpected expenses or doctor’s bills. What can you do in such a situation? How can you immediately cash in on the necessary cash when you can not count on friends and family?

Under these circumstances, requesting a Mini loans is the easiest option if you need money now.

Not unimportant there are many secure Mini Loan providers and they are all ranked on loan applications. The most important aspect you can look at if you are looking for a Flash loan is a momentary approval. That way you can immediately deposit the cash that you immediately have on your bank account, without any problem.

If you are in financial trouble, helping someone is like a lifebuoy.

Mini loan is there for you when you need this beacon. We’re going to help you find the best Flash loan that the World-wide-web has to offer. We have on our web site super-easy and simple queries for affordable Mini-loanss. With a few clicks of your mouse you can already be on the right track to an advance or a loan that covers all your needs. Our online à la minute approval procedure lets you know within a few minutes whether your application has been successful, so that you can now get the money you need for any financial emergency. Different types of loans are available on Mini-loans.

To get a Fast Mini loans in the Netherlands & Flanders you do not have to worry about your loansworthiness. On you do not need a bank card to make an application. Whether you are loansworthy or not, whether you have a bad or no loans at all, they would still help you find Flash loan providers that can meet your financial needs. If you live in Holland and are over 21 years old, have a current account and a wage, you can still apply for a quick Mini loans today.

Let us help you to get a direct small sum of money immediately!

If you suddenly are for the payout day of your wage, we can help you get back on track with a mini-advance up to euro750 on that same day. Do not let a financial accident get you out of hand, ask directly at a loan! Start your application for a Mini loan up to € 750.



Borrow money with a mini loan

Do you want to borrow money with a mini loan? There are a number of different options in this area, in which, in addition, no BKR check will be carried out.



This means that you can borrow money with BKR, without having to pay a very high interest rate. Instead, you opt for a relatively small amount, which allows you to do the shopping or buy a new television before you, for example, receive your salary into your account.

Borrow less than € 1,000

You speak of a mini loan when you need a relatively small amount. Borrowing money with BKR only applies to amounts in excess of € 1,000, since applications for amounts that are smaller can not be checked against the BKR. This means that lenders will not ask the BKR for the background that you have in the financial field. This only happens with amounts above € 1,000, so in most cases it is not necessary to have your BKR coding checked. Only if you want to take out a larger personal loan or a revolving credit can this be important.
It is important to ensure that you do not take out an official personal loan or an ongoing loan, when you need a mini loan. As soon as you can handle less than € 1,000, you will ensure that no BKR check will take place, but that you will not be included in the BKR registration either. You can, for example, help if you want to take out a loan at a later date. The mini-loan of € 1,000 will not be discovered in any case, so borrowing money with BKR will cause as few problems as possible.

How does a mini-loan work?

A mini-loan works in a very simple way, since in principle you only have to indicate which amount you would like to borrow. There is no money borrowing with BKR registration, so you can also borrow money if you already have a code at the BKR. Where other lenders will deal with that, you can generally just close the mini-loan. Keep in mind that you also have to pay off the loan properly, so that you do not get any further problems.
If you want to take out a mini loan, for example because borrowing money with BKR is difficult, it is wise to first check how much you need. You can then apply to one of the various providers, indicating which amount you want to borrow. One will probably ask about your income and the reason why you need the money. Tell this honestly, for your own good. Unlike borrowing money with BKR, you can not carry out any checks on this, but you will subsequently lend up to € 1,000 without BKR coding.

Costs and forms of a mini-loan

There are various forms of a mini-loan. For example, you can opt for cash credits. You can relatively easily borrow a nice amount, such as a few dozen or a few hundred euros. There is no real loan, as long as you stay below the amount of € 1,000. In addition, you can of course opt for the original mini-loan. You must then request a quote and submit the documents, for example with regard to the income you have. You must earn at least € 1,200 monthly to qualify for this. You do not have to pay interest on the loan, as you will receive it in advance from the amount that you will receive. That means that afterwards you will not have to deal with unexpected costs.
Third, you can opt for Payogo, a new way of borrowing money. It is a kind of prepaid card, where you can deposit a certain amount. You can, for example, choose a Payogo card with € 150, € 300 or even € 750 worth. You pay a fixed amount of costs for the card, so you pay a disguised form of interest. You can borrow money with BKR coding that way, with the help of a mini-loan.

Which loan to request online?

Do you want to borrow money online and preferably as quickly as possible?

Nowadays this is simply arranged simply from your lazy chair you can already borrow money, you do not have to leave the door! You can borrow money online in various ways, the fastest way is to request a mini loan. In the best case, you have the money in your bank account within 10 minutes, without too much paperwork or long telephone calls.

Quickly borrow money online

Fast online borrowing money is possible with different types of loans if you want to borrow up to 1000 euros for example, then you can request a mini loan , although you need fast money it is important to find an appropriate loan. It is therefore important that you let yourself be well informed before you take out a loan.

Quickly borrow money with which loan?

Certainly if you want to borrow money quickly, it may happen that you take a decision too fast, and it is not really desirable, as you will understand, when borrowing money. There are many types of loans and they all have different conditions. The many forms of lending do not make it any easier, so it is best if you inform yourself professionally that you know for sure that you end up with the right lender. You can ask your adviser which form of loan best suits your situation, so that you can request the wrong loan and pay so much more for your loan than is actually necessary.

Different loan forms:

  • Miniature
  • Personal loan
  • Revolving loan
  • Consumptive loan
  • Mortgage loan
  • Car loan

There are many reasons for which you urgently need money, your car is broken, the washing machine stops or your mortgage lender suddenly starts to charge a much higher interest rate so you want to switch your mortgage.
So you need money quickly and want to borrow as cheaply as possible, the fastest way to borrow money is via the internet. You only need to know which loan form is most suitable for you.

Mini loan
If you want to borrow a relatively small amount, a cheap mini- loan can be something for you.

Advantages: You quickly have money in your account and this form of borrowing is cheap if you at least stick to the term. The money can in the best case already with 10 minutes on your account. You can borrow money quickly without a BKR test being done. With a mini loan, interest will often not be charged on the borrowed amount, but there are other costs that are charged, such as administration costs.

Disadvantages: The disadvantage of a mini-loan is that if you do not stick to the term, a high fine will follow. There are also lenders who calculate administration and / or other additional costs.

Personal loan
With a personal loan you borrow a certain amount from a lender and this will be deposited into your account in one go, you have to pay back the loan amount in a fixed number of installments.

Revolving loan
With a revolving loan you borrow a certain amount of money, this amount can be withdrawn in whole or in part during the term.

Mortgage loan
You can apply for a mortgage if you want to buy a house; in recent years, various types of mortgage have been added. The term of a mortgage has been set at 30 years.

Consumptive loan
A consumer loan is there if you want to do a car, boat or other big purchase. There are different types of consumer loan; you pay a percentage of interest over the term of this loan.

Car loan
Is your car due for replacement and do not you just have the amount for another car on your savings account? Then you can apply for a car loan.

Borrowing money, costs money
If you are going to borrow money, then you think that borrowing money always costs money, so it is more sensible to save the money you need before you make a purchase. You then save on the costs incurred when you take out a loan.

Compare money loans

There are numerous types of money loans on the market and they can vary considerably.

Compare money loans

That’s why you should always compare money loans beforehand and do not just go to your own bank. Do not be afraid to shop at other banks and compare the interest rate of the loan. The current interest rate is of course important when you compare loans.
But there are more factors that are important when taking out a loan. For example, the length of the period over which you have to repay the loan (the term) is important. But also the amount of the monthly installment amount determines whether you can bear these extra charges.

Paying free of charge is an important condition

Another important factor that I would certainly take into account when comparing loans is whether you can pay off without penalty. This will not only play if you have a financial windfall and you would like to get rid of your expensive loan. But even if the current interest rate has dropped considerably, as is currently the case. Many households would gladly switch their expensive loan.
Profitable lending is therefore not always the best option, although this is perhaps the most attractive at the moment.

Compare money loans and shop smartly

As said before, cash loans are an important step in taking out a loan. Many people go online to all banks to gather information about the loan they need. However, there are also websites that have already done the comparison work for you. You can compare loans on these websites to choose the most advantageous loan at a glance.

If you compare loans, you often know exactly where you need the loan. If you want to invest in the renovation of your home, you will have to pay a whole other amount and the type of loan than if you want to buy a new car. Easy borrowing money is not always obvious. Especially when it comes to large amounts. If you are looking for a small loan, this can often be arranged more easily, especially with a short term. 

Mini loan without paperwork

Do you want to borrow money quickly?

Snel geld lenen zonder papierwerk

Because the refrigerator is broken, there is still an account open, the repair to your car is more expensive than expected or just to go on holiday? Then you could apply for a mini loan . With a mini loan also called a flash credit or mini credit you can borrow money quickly without paperwork and you pay back the borrowed money within a few weeks. If you want to request a mini loan, this can be done via the internet, simply and quickly, unlike with a normal loan, you can quickly dispose of the money without being stuck with all sorts of conditions. The mini-loan is the solution to eliminate a balance tip .

Borrowing money without hassle

Closing a mini-loan is quick borrowing without any hassles . And in most cases you can borrow money without BKR testing.
The mini loan is a popular form of borrowing, because you can quickly access the money usually 10 minutes after the application and because it is about a relatively small amount of money that you can borrow. A mini loan can be seen as an advance on your salary or benefit if the payday of that is still a while, you usually pay no interest on the loan amount only if you want extra service such as, for example, in the event that you have the money urgently on your account you will have to pay for this.

Running time minilening

 As the name suggests, a mini loan is a loan for a relatively small amount, for example € 100, – to € 800, – the term for this loan is usually 15 to 45 days, if you decide to pay a higher amount. borrowing then the maturity is standard 30 days. This term is to prevent over-crediting, so the borrower is protected. The first time you borrow money you will only be able to borrow a smaller amount. Once the money has been deposited into your account and that is often very fast, the term will also start. When closing, make sure that you take out a cheap mini loan, because there are quite big differences between the lenders.

Which minilening exit?

Of course you want to take out a cheap mini-loan, one where you pay the least possible costs. You also want to take out a mini-loan that suits you, so it is wise to first compare the various lenders before you make a decision.

Borrowing fast money with negative BKR

Taking out a mini-loan is usually arranged within a few hours and sometimes after 10 minutes, so you can quickly dispose of the borrowed money. It depends on whether you take out a mini loan with BKR or if you opt for a loan without BKR. With a mini loan without BKR you can often only borrow up to € 750, if you want to borrow a higher amount of money than you will be tested at the BKR. You will understand that a mini-loan without BKR testing is arranged more quickly. It is therefore possible to borrow a sum of money even though you are negatively registered with the Tiel Credit Agency. It is true that if you are registered negatively with the BKR you can borrow a lower amount.

Remember that the BKR is also there to protect you against excessive lending, you are only registered with the BKR if you have not met your payment obligations in the past.

There are several lenders who all set slightly different conditions to take out a mini loan, also the interest will differ between the lenders.

Minilening benefits

– You quickly have the amount of money
– You know exactly when the borrowed amount has to be paid back
– Closing a mini-loan is fast via the internet
no paperwork or long telephone calls

What are the costs of a mini loan?

If you borrow money then you will have to pay interest on it, with a mini loan that is not the case with all providers. However, costs can be charged for extra service, so it is important to compare providers with each other.
The annual interest rate is 15%, which is legally fixed. When you take out a mini loan, you therefore pay part of this annual percentage in some cases. You should think of 1 / 24th at 15 days or 1 / 12th at 30 days. Furthermore, you have to take into account that there are lenders who charge administration and additional costs, so check in advance how high these costs will be. There are also lenders who only charge the interest, so at these companies you close a cheaper mini loan.

Saving is always cheaper than borrowing

If the term of the mini loan has expired then the total loan amount must be paid back, you will not be left with a debt, if you do not meet your obligations you will incur high costs. So think in advance whether you can also reimburse the amount of money you want to borrow after the term has expired. Furthermore, you must remember that saving in advance is always cheaper and less risky than that you are going to borrow a sum of money.