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Are you eligible for a loan?

If you want to borrow money then you will have to be approved, not everyone can just apply for a loan.

Some factors that are decisive when applying for a loan are, your age, your income, your family composition, your fixed costs and whether you are registered with the BKR. Whether you are eligible to take out a loan depends on several factors.

Approval when applying for a loan

Before you compare the loans you will first have to be tested by the lender. Only when you have tested positively can you apply for a quotation or dig into the interest rates of the various lenders.

Borrowing income and money

You will have to have a fixed income when you apply for a loan. The lender wants to run as little risk as possible and be sure that you can also repay the loan. If you have a permanent job or you receive a pension, you can simply apply for a loan. But if you receive unemployment benefit or social assistance benefit, it is not possible to apply for a loan. But with a Wajong benefit, incapacity benefit and a survivor benefit, it is again possible to apply for a loan. However, there are some conditions attached to borrowing with a benefit.

Maximum loan

If you want to calculate how much you can borrow, then your income is a decisive factor. Your income not only determines whether you are eligible to borrow money but also what the maximum loan could be. When applying for a loan, whether this is a personal loan , a revolving credit or a mortgage , your income details will always be requested. A maximum loan is € 50,000 for one person and € 75,000 for another person. The height of the maximum loan is therefore income-dependent. Furthermore, the lender wants to know your living situation and monthly payments.

Minimum loan

The lender always uses a minimum lending amount and in most cases this is € 2,500. You can also borrow less, but you should apply for a mini loan. With a mini loan you can apply for loans from an amount of € 50, – and the maximum loan is € 1000, – at the mini-loan. Because of the relatively low amount that you can borrow, the conditions are also very smooth, so you can apply for a mini loan with BKR, without payslip and paperwork.

Borrow with BKR

If you want to apply for a loan, you must remember that your application will always be checked at the BKR (Credit Registration Office). It is not that if you are registered you can not apply for a loan. The gravity of the BKR-coding also plays an important role if you want to apply for a loan with BKR. If you apply for a loan with BKR, you have to take into account that you either pay a high interest rate or that you borrow money on special terms.