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Borrow money with a mini loan

Do you want to borrow money with a mini loan? There are a number of different options in this area, in which, in addition, no BKR check will be carried out.



This means that you can borrow money with BKR, without having to pay a very high interest rate. Instead, you opt for a relatively small amount, which allows you to do the shopping or buy a new television before you, for example, receive your salary into your account.

Borrow less than € 1,000

You speak of a mini loan when you need a relatively small amount. Borrowing money with BKR only applies to amounts in excess of € 1,000, since applications for amounts that are smaller can not be checked against the BKR. This means that lenders will not ask the BKR for the background that you have in the financial field. This only happens with amounts above € 1,000, so in most cases it is not necessary to have your BKR coding checked. Only if you want to take out a larger personal loan or a revolving credit can this be important.
It is important to ensure that you do not take out an official personal loan or an ongoing loan, when you need a mini loan. As soon as you can handle less than € 1,000, you will ensure that no BKR check will take place, but that you will not be included in the BKR registration either. You can, for example, help if you want to take out a loan at a later date. The mini-loan of € 1,000 will not be discovered in any case, so borrowing money with BKR will cause as few problems as possible.

How does a mini-loan work?

A mini-loan works in a very simple way, since in principle you only have to indicate which amount you would like to borrow. There is no money borrowing with BKR registration, so you can also borrow money if you already have a code at the BKR. Where other lenders will deal with that, you can generally just close the mini-loan. Keep in mind that you also have to pay off the loan properly, so that you do not get any further problems.
If you want to take out a mini loan, for example because borrowing money with BKR is difficult, it is wise to first check how much you need. You can then apply to one of the various providers, indicating which amount you want to borrow. One will probably ask about your income and the reason why you need the money. Tell this honestly, for your own good. Unlike borrowing money with BKR, you can not carry out any checks on this, but you will subsequently lend up to € 1,000 without BKR coding.

Costs and forms of a mini-loan

There are various forms of a mini-loan. For example, you can opt for cash credits. You can relatively easily borrow a nice amount, such as a few dozen or a few hundred euros. There is no real loan, as long as you stay below the amount of € 1,000. In addition, you can of course opt for the original mini-loan. You must then request a quote and submit the documents, for example with regard to the income you have. You must earn at least € 1,200 monthly to qualify for this. You do not have to pay interest on the loan, as you will receive it in advance from the amount that you will receive. That means that afterwards you will not have to deal with unexpected costs.
Third, you can opt for Payogo, a new way of borrowing money. It is a kind of prepaid card, where you can deposit a certain amount. You can, for example, choose a Payogo card with € 150, € 300 or even € 750 worth. You pay a fixed amount of costs for the card, so you pay a disguised form of interest. You can borrow money with BKR coding that way, with the help of a mini-loan.