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Mini loan without paperwork

Do you want to borrow money quickly?

Snel geld lenen zonder papierwerk

Because the refrigerator is broken, there is still an account open, the repair to your car is more expensive than expected or just to go on holiday? Then you could apply for a mini loan . With a mini loan also called a flash credit or mini credit you can borrow money quickly without paperwork and you pay back the borrowed money within a few weeks. If you want to request a mini loan, this can be done via the internet, simply and quickly, unlike with a normal loan, you can quickly dispose of the money without being stuck with all sorts of conditions. The mini-loan is the solution to eliminate a balance tip .

Borrowing money without hassle

Closing a mini-loan is quick borrowing without any hassles . And in most cases you can borrow money without BKR testing.
The mini loan is a popular form of borrowing, because you can quickly access the money usually 10 minutes after the application and because it is about a relatively small amount of money that you can borrow. A mini loan can be seen as an advance on your salary or benefit if the payday of that is still a while, you usually pay no interest on the loan amount only if you want extra service such as, for example, in the event that you have the money urgently on your account you will have to pay for this.

Running time minilening

 As the name suggests, a mini loan is a loan for a relatively small amount, for example € 100, – to € 800, – the term for this loan is usually 15 to 45 days, if you decide to pay a higher amount. borrowing then the maturity is standard 30 days. This term is to prevent over-crediting, so the borrower is protected. The first time you borrow money you will only be able to borrow a smaller amount. Once the money has been deposited into your account and that is often very fast, the term will also start. When closing, make sure that you take out a cheap mini loan, because there are quite big differences between the lenders.

Which minilening exit?

Of course you want to take out a cheap mini-loan, one where you pay the least possible costs. You also want to take out a mini-loan that suits you, so it is wise to first compare the various lenders before you make a decision.

Borrowing fast money with negative BKR

Taking out a mini-loan is usually arranged within a few hours and sometimes after 10 minutes, so you can quickly dispose of the borrowed money. It depends on whether you take out a mini loan with BKR or if you opt for a loan without BKR. With a mini loan without BKR you can often only borrow up to € 750, if you want to borrow a higher amount of money than you will be tested at the BKR. You will understand that a mini-loan without BKR testing is arranged more quickly. It is therefore possible to borrow a sum of money even though you are negatively registered with the Tiel Credit Agency. It is true that if you are registered negatively with the BKR you can borrow a lower amount.

Remember that the BKR is also there to protect you against excessive lending, you are only registered with the BKR if you have not met your payment obligations in the past.

There are several lenders who all set slightly different conditions to take out a mini loan, also the interest will differ between the lenders.

Minilening benefits

– You quickly have the amount of money
– You know exactly when the borrowed amount has to be paid back
– Closing a mini-loan is fast via the internet
no paperwork or long telephone calls

What are the costs of a mini loan?

If you borrow money then you will have to pay interest on it, with a mini loan that is not the case with all providers. However, costs can be charged for extra service, so it is important to compare providers with each other.
The annual interest rate is 15%, which is legally fixed. When you take out a mini loan, you therefore pay part of this annual percentage in some cases. You should think of 1 / 24th at 15 days or 1 / 12th at 30 days. Furthermore, you have to take into account that there are lenders who charge administration and additional costs, so check in advance how high these costs will be. There are also lenders who only charge the interest, so at these companies you close a cheaper mini loan.

Saving is always cheaper than borrowing

If the term of the mini loan has expired then the total loan amount must be paid back, you will not be left with a debt, if you do not meet your obligations you will incur high costs. So think in advance whether you can also reimburse the amount of money you want to borrow after the term has expired. Furthermore, you must remember that saving in advance is always cheaper and less risky than that you are going to borrow a sum of money.