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Take out a small installment loan

Closing a small loan on payment can then provide a solution. 

 Buying things on installment

Are you short of cash, but is it necessary to buy something? Or do you want to pay bills but can not you manage this month? There are two possibilities for doing this. Read here where you can find and compare providers of small loans.

A small loan on installment without BKR testing

When it’s financially a bit against it, you want to have quickly and immediately put some extra money into your account. Many people do not know that you can borrow money quickly online without BKR testing. This is particularly useful when something suddenly needs to be replaced at home or when important invoices have to be paid immediately. A small loan without BKR testing is not possible at the bank, but there are several lenders online who can get you out of a financial dip. Pay attention: borrow as little money as possible, because borrowing money still costs money.

Mini loan or microcredit on installment

A mini loan, also known as microcredit, is nothing more than a small installment loan. Often, payments must be made within one or two installments and amounts from 50 to about 1,500 euros. So keep in mind that you are able to repay this amount within one or two months. A mini-loan is therefore ideal if you are certain that your wages will be paid in a short time or if you as a freelancer still wait for invoices that have to be paid by your customers. A good and reliable provider of the mini-loan.

Buying things on installment

If you are going to buy something on installment , you can also see this as a small installment loan. You buy and receive the product before you pay the payment. This is only sensible if you are sure that you have sufficient income within a month to pay the payment. This is ideal when, for example, a refrigerator, washing machine or other household appliance needs to be replaced immediately. There are several companies that offer this service. For example, if you want to buy a car, this is often possible. This is called financial lease .

Advantages and disadvantages of borrowing money on installments

There are both advantages and disadvantages to think about borrowing on installment. Always weigh the pros and cons for yourself before you buy or borrow on installment.

Buy or borrow benefits on payment

  • You do not have to justify what you need the money to borrow;
  • You can make quick and direct use of your purchase;
  • In this way you avoid receiving reminders of arrears in the short term.

Buy disadvantages and borrow on installment

Especially buying something on payment can sound very attractive. But this can sometimes cause you to quickly build up debts. Especially when you can not fulfill the repayment obligation, it can get you into trouble quickly.
Quick and direct borrowing a small amount can be seen as a quick solution, but in the long term it does not immediately solve your money worries. Borrowing money always costs extra money and use it wisely. Always ask yourself whether you really need this purchase.